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The primary purpose of RefGenes is to provide candidate reference genes for particular contexts or tissues. Once a subset of genes is chosen, you still need to validate them within your own experiment, as you would do if you had started with genes from a housekeeping gene panel. Here are a few solution providers or tools that we recommend:


RefGenes is embedded in the new GENEVESTIGATOR.

The GENEVESTIGATOR platform has been redesigned for improved usability. The RefGenes tool is still freely available for academics and its functionality within GENEVESTIGATOR has remains unaffected by these changes.


A video tutorial about RefGenes is released.

This and other tutorials about GENEVESTIGATOR tools are available at the GENEVESTIGATOR video tutorials page


RefGenes website is released at

This website was created to better serve the user community interested in using RefGenes.


RefGenes is presented at the 2011 qPCR Conference, Weihenstefan, Germany.

Title of talk: Interpretation requires context - making sense out of gene lists and networks
See talk presentation: [PDF]


Refgenes is published in BMC Genomics

This publication explains the rationale behind the approach and demonstrates that candidates proposed by RefGenes usually outperform commonly used reference genes. The main argument is that for each condition there is specific group of stable genes, and there no genes are generally stable and could be used broadly for standardizing RT-qPCR experiments.
Read publication: [Abstract] [PDF]


RefGenes is presented at the qPCR Congress, London, UK.

Title of talk: The Context-Specific Choice of Reference Genes Significantly Improves RT-qPCR Data Normalization
See talk presentation: [PDF]